In the local Yawuru language ‘Narlijia’, means ‘True for you’.


Ngaji mingan (how are you), welcome to Broome!

Narlijia Experiences hosts several tours sharing the beauty and richness of Broome’s natural environment, history and culture by true local guides!

Broome’s townsite was officially gazetted in 1883 but had earlier arrivals of pearlers and pioneers who made ‘first contact’ with the Aboriginal people of the region, the Djugun and Yawuru people.

Join us on one of our experiences that guides you through these ancient and historical sites located in the north-western portion of the UNESCO listed Roebuck Bay. This coastline has been home to our saltwater people for thousands of years and for you our guides will orientate you in the cultural landscape, offer a seasonal sample of food sources whilst immersing you in our fascinating history and beautiful coastal environment.

Don't leave Broome with out it!

Born & bred in Broome, Bart is a member of the talented Pigram family & is deeply respectful of his multicultural roots. A true Saltwater Cowboy who lives by the sea he has spent his life hunting & fishing in the traditional lands & waters that surround his home. As a passenger aboard the Broome Whale Watching catamaran Ballena, I was aware of the importance of the collaboration between these two extremely passionate local tour operators who respect each other & their environment. Both Bart & Cam understand the significant part Roebuck Bay plays & has always played in the lives of the people of Broome, firstly the Yawuru people as well as neighbouring mobs, then to the early Pearling pioneers and now to the people of Broome & its visitors. Bart feels most strongly about his responsibility as a Yawuru man to share the knowledge bestowed upon him by his elders & is dedicated to passing that on, to his children & to visitors too. He introduced us to not only some bush tucker & bush remedies but also to some delicious Adobo & rice, an old family recipe from the Filipino side of his Pigram heritage. A natural story teller with a cheeky wit, I find Bart extremely charismatic & he had me hanging on his every word. What you see is what you get, Narlijia is a Yawuru word that means "true for you" & Bart doesn't hold back, cultural, social or political if he has an opinion he will voice it truthfully. As we journeyed lazily along the shoreline different things were pointed out that had an important story attached. During our 3 hour tour the wonderful staff aboard Ballena provided us with tasty homemade snacks & drinks as we headed back to the mooring at Entrance Point. While the sun sank slowly over the dunes we were serenaded by one of Broomes finest ambassadors Bart Pigram. I would have no hesitation in recommending Narlijia Cultural Tours
Julie : Melbourne

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